Labor is one of the biggest expenses when it comes to running a business. But having the right people is crucial to the success of a company. For this reason, many organizations think of strategies to reduce staffing costs without sacrificing the quality of work output. This also applies to NetSuite partners, which are tasked with the responsibility to help businesses achieve success in the NetSuite software. If you’re interested, keep on reading to learn how NetSuite partners can reduce staffing costs.

How can NetSuite partners reduce staffing costs?

  1. Reduce employee turnover
  2. Consider staff augmentation
  3. Hire part-time NetSuite talents

How NetSuite Partners Can Reduce Staffing Costs

NetSuite is considered one of the best cloud-based ERP systems. It is praised for its robust features, highly integrated suite of applications, customization flexibility, and many others. Finding the right people who have the skills and experience in NetSuite can be time-consuming and costly, but there are some things you can do to reduce your staffing costs:

Reduce Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is one of the main causes of increased staffing expenses. This happens when your employees leave your company to look for another opportunity elsewhere. You will need to hire new employees to take over the job and maintain productivity. 

But an employee costs more than their salary. Hiring a new employee involves various expenses, including job advertising, talent pooling, interviewing, background checking, medical examinations, training, etc. For this reason, retaining your existing employees is one method of reducing your staffing costs. 

The main problem is that many NetSuite specialists leave to become independent. This can be a problem for NetSuite partners, so it’s important to know how to retain them. This can be done by designing an employee experience, which can make them think twice about leaving.

Consider Staff Augmentation

To quickly find certified NetSuite specialists that can take over vacant roles, many NetSuite partners rely on staff augmentation services. This can be an option to reduce costs because there are many challenges in designing an employee experience — including high costs and time. Companies without these resources can find this difficult to do. 

A NetSuite outsourcing firm like Atticus that has the expertise in providing talented NetSuite specialists can help you with your staffing needs. We have the expertise, programs, and policies that are specially made to provide a great employee experience so talented people will think twice before leaving. This way, you can reduce the costs that would be needed to retain employees. 

Hire Part-Time NetSuite Talents

As a NetSuite partner, your workloads can fluctuate. There will be times when your existing team can manage all the work, while there are times you might wish that you had extra people to get the job done. During the peak season, you might be forced to let go of opportunities because of a lack of manpower. 

One way to reduce staffing costs while also not letting go of the opportunities in front of you is to hire part-time, project-based NetSuite talents. This gives you the flexibility to address the surge of projects and requests without having to hire and pay full-time. 

You can reduce staffing costs because you don’t have to spend on training and retention. With a NetSuite outsourcing firm that already has trained and experienced specialists, you only need to pay for what you need to be done. This ensures that you get the help you need when you need it — on your terms. 

How Atticus Can Help: Atticus DNA

How Atticus Can Help: Atticus DNA

If you’re a NetSuite partner looking to reduce your staffing costs, we can help you here at Atticus. Here are some of the reasons to choose us:


We pride ourselves in being NetSuite-experienced and capable. We know how to properly manage and retain NetSuite talents, by designing an employee experience. Our team members are chosen not just on their skills and experience, but also the soft skills that help them become invested in your business. Aside from that, we only offer well-researched, and competitive packages in the market. 


Our company’s size allows us to quickly adapt to changes, allowing us to be successful even in these changing times. In addition to that, we make sure to constantly evolve our process based on business requirements. 


Collaboration is important to us here at Atticus. From the owners to the team leaders, and the rest of the staff — everyone works together to take on challenges. This collaborative approach is extended to our clients as well, so we can work well with internal teams. 


Every member of our organization continuously evolves to learn, so we can better help our clients. Problems are not a reason to give up, but an opportunity to find solutions. 

Many NetSuite partners are looking for ways to reduce labor costs, as it is one of the major expenses in business. Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem. Here at Atticus, we can help you reduce your staffing costs by reducing your recruitment, training, and other hiring troubles and providing you with talented NetSuite specialists that can work on a part-time, project basis. 

Now that you know how NetSuite partners can reduce staffing costs, you can better manage your budget without sacrificing the labor you need. If you’re interested in hiring talented NetSuite specialists on a part-time basis, you can contact us here as Atticus, and we will do our best to help you.


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