Staff Augmentation Services in the Philippines with Atticus

Staff Augmentation Services in the Philippines with Atticus

As technology advances, it becomes more and more feasible for businesses to form remote teams — in-house employees are no longer the only choice. Staff augmentation services in the Philippines are a growing concept in the local IT job market, and more people are becoming aware of the dynamics and benefits of this service. Nowadays, more businesses are inclined to hire remote staff in the Philippines.

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What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation services are a type of outsourcing service, wherein another company finds and provides talent to your in-house team. It differs from outsourcing your operations. With outsourcing, the full project or aspects of the project go to an external company. With staff augmentation services in the Philippines, you let the service source potential talent for you and add them temporarily or permanently to your in-house team to take on the project.

In this process, you set the specifications that you’re seeking in your candidates. Once the appropriate people have been found, they are onboarded with your team and work with them for the project or task at hand. You can reduce or extend your augmented team whenever you need to as well.

When are Staff Augmentation Services Needed?

Staff augmentation services in the Philippines can solve some issues that arise from your business’ project needs. With augmented staffing, you’ll have an easier time finding the right people for your project, while still being able to manage them with the methods you prefer.

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Additional Resources

The need for additional resources — including manpower — is common for fast-paced industries. This need arises from the numerous projects your business may take on to remain competitive. While you may already have talented employees working on your project, you might need to extend your project team.

However, the hiring process can be very time-consuming — it can take months to find, interview, onboard, and train potential team members. The length of these processes can therefore be detrimental to your project’s schedule.

Fortunately, with staff augmentation services in the Philippines, you can skip the in-house recruitment pipeline. Instead, you simply list the requirements and needs for your project, and this service will source experienced workers for you in a much shorter time.

Integration With a Local Team

Staff augmentation services in the Philippines are a good option when you need to integrate new employees with your local team. When you have reliable management, it may be preferable to keep the project in trusted hands. This option is also viable for projects that need to be under the control of your internal team. Augmented staffing also works well for projects that need instantaneous and constant communication between team members, which can’t be done with outsourced projects.

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Industries That Benefit From Staff Augmentation Services

In booming and competitive industries where businesses need to keep up with ever-changing market trends, using IT outsourcing in the Philippines can be beneficial. One such industry is the IT field, where projects are constantly ongoing and high volume. If you are an IT business, using this service may be a competitive solution for you

Internet Software and Services

Internet software and services companies develop and market internet-based programs, such as online databases and interactive services. Development, implementation, and Q&A of internet software and services are very demanding, and projects can be time-sensitive due to their online platforms. Therefore, this type of IT company can benefit from augmenting their teams with talented and experienced engineers found through staff augmentation services in the Philippines.

Data Processing

These are companies that provide system integration services, consultations, and information management for other companies. These businesses have to constantly process, store, and provide data for their clients on top of maintaining their services and back-office operations. Providing these services and taking on new clients become much easier through staff augmentation services in the Philippines. With this service, you can quickly augment your teams during busier months, then reduce them afterward.

Software Development

In the software development business, there are applications, systems, and home entertainment software. Each type of product is made for specific customer needs. Software development companies also develop and release software based on current market trends. As a result, their work can be volatile and high-volume. By using staff augmentation services in the Philippines, they can quickly add to their manpower and skills. They can then keep up with market trends, as well as relevant projects they plan to tackle.

SaaS Providers

Software as a service (SaaS) is a relatively new segment in the IT industry. Despite that, it is the largest and fastest-growing technology market segment worldwide. Businesses now spend 50% more on SaaS than they did just two years ago. As a result, time to market is of the utmost importance to any SaaS company. However, it can be a challenge to staff your company with highly skilled IT professionals, which is where staff augmentation services in the Philippines come in. With this service, your company has the resources it needs to quickly develop your next business venture and put it out on the market at the optimal time.

Benefits of using Atticus’ Staff Augmentation Services

With the Atticus’ augmentation model, we directly discuss your team’s needs, and what skill sets and expertise you’re looking for. Then, we handle all organizational and administrative tasks while you focus on your core responsibilities. This process brings benefits for you and your team, such as:

Improved Productivity

Staff augmentation services in the Philippines with Atticus will enable your team to achieve a higher level of productivity. Our services can add some much-needed manpower to your team, and at the earliest time possible. Additionally, these added team members will be assigned to your project — they only work for you and no one else. This means that they can more accurately follow your big vision, with higher levels of motivation and dedication.

Increased Flexibility

With Atticus, we have access to a large talent pool of IT professionals due to our involvement with IT communities, and our fostering of potential fresh graduates and budding leaders. With our staff augmentation services in the Philippines, your company has more flexibility in choosing the right candidate for your teams. Additionally, it becomes much easier to augment or replace your IT workforce when needed.

Faster Scaling

Staff augmentation services in the Philippines allow you to scale your resources cost-effectively. With Atticus, you can easily lessen hiring costs while still finding top talent for your projects. In the IT industry, your company’s workload changes depending on the state of the market. Instead of taking on permanent hires — where you have to pledge numerous employee benefits and the like — you can instead use this temporary staffing service. It is the perfect way to manage your ongoing and upcoming demands on a project-by-project basis.

Keep Control

Sometimes, you don’t need permanent employees, and other times, having full control is necessary for your business projects. Through Atticus’ staff augmentation services in the Philippines, we give our clients the chance to hire based on their specifications. Whether short-term or long-term, we tailor-make a list of expert candidates, and only at a fraction of the cost of the typical hiring process. This way, you can control who gets added to your internal teams, retain management of your projects, and lessen costs.

Continuous Support

With our staff augmentation services in the Philippines, we’ll quickly find you multiple candidates for your team, handpick the best professionals, and go through a meticulous onboarding process to help them settle within your teams. Our job doesn't end there — Atticus offers other services that help facilitate the smooth integration of augmented staff into your internal teams. We provide HR outsourcing services in the Philippines that work alongside your team’s processes to build a productive relationship with your new team members.

Scale Your Team With Staff Augmentation Services From Atticus!

Atticus provides flexible and efficient staff augmentation services in the Philippines. Regardless of the number of augmented staff you’re searching for, we take great care in providing a productive yet flexible solution for your team. Want to learn more about this service? Send us a message! We will be happy to discuss your needs, and which of our solutions may be the right option for you. Together, we can determine the best way to tackle your existing problem.

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