Offshore It Staffing From The Philippines: Atticus

Offshore It Staffing From The Philippines: Atticus

Offshore IT staffing from the Philippines is a great option if you’re interested in expanding your team without doing it from scratch. This can give you access to experts in the field while lowering costs related to infrastructure, hiring, and payroll. IT outsourcing in the Philippines is also a viable solution during the pandemic because it allows you to continue your business despite lockdowns and stay-at-home protocols. Keep on reading to learn more.

What Is Offshore IT Staffing From The Philippines?

Offshore staffing gives you access to talented IT professionals located in the Philippines. Here at Atticus, we can match you with the tech professionals that can help you focus on your business needs so you can save time and money during the recruitment process. We have also partnered with, Ceana Technology, and Cloud Jedi Solutions to bring you the IT services you need.

Offshore IT staffing in the Philippines allows you to prioritize business operations while we take care of the recruitment, management, and training of the employees. We can provide you a list of candidates to screen to ensure if they're the right fit for your company.

What Offshore IT Staff Can You Hire

Here at Atticus, we have helped companies in Asia, the USA, and Europe find the right team members for their business requirements. We can connect you with trained and experienced IT professionals that specialize in the following services:

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Netsuite is a software company that provides a cloud-based business management platform. As there are multiple applications and customizations you can make to take full advantage of their services, you can reach us for technology professionals that can help you deal with your specific Netsuite needs.

We have also partnered with Ceana Technology which can help customize and modify your Netsuite accounts according to your business requirements.


SalesForce is a software company that offers customer relationship management solutions. To get the best out of their apps and services, we can provide you the best cloud team that can manage and address your IT needs. With offshore IT staffing in the Philippines, you can get access to consultants, developers, and support engineers that are experienced in using SalesForce.

If you’re interested, we can also connect you with Cloud Jedi Solutions, the number one rated developer on Salesforce AppExchange for years.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a set of software as a service (SaaS) applications made for customers, employees, and business operations. Manage applications and experience business growth with an expert IT team composed of functional consultants and developers here at Atticus. Our specialists and functional consultants will help you implement solutions depending on your needs while a developer customizes the software for you.


Experience the smarter way to optimize your workflow by using ServiceNow’s Now Platform. In addition to this, you can worry less about the management of the software through offshore IT staffing in the Philippines. We can match you with technology professionals experienced in using the Now Platform such as functional consultants and developers.


Amazon Web Services is one of the broadly adopted cloud platforms in the world. It is used by startups, enterprises, and government agencies. To help you make the most out of the cloud platform, we can provide you a team of cloud professionals — such as solutions architects, development and operations engineers, system administrators, and site reliability engineers.

We have also partnered with to help you build, migrate, run, and optimize your AWS applications and services.

SAAS Startups

If you’re running a startup company, offshore IT staffing in the Philippines with Atticus can help you reduce recruitment costs. Instead of starting an IT team from scratch and having to overcome trial and error, we can fill your needs for a fraction of the cost. We can help you find front, back, and full-stack engineers to help you with your technology requirements. Our staff augmentation services in the Philippines also ensure that your projects are handled by only the most qualified individuals in the field.

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How To Get Started With Offshore IT Staffing

If you’re interested in offshore IT staffing in the Philippines, we can make the whole process easy and convenient for you.


During the consultation process, you can tell us the type of talent that you need in your company. We can also talk about your organization, work culture, and business goals. This way, we will have a firm grasp on the people that will fit best in your team.

Recruitment Process

After a thorough consultation with you, we can now start the recruitment process on your behalf. During this stage, we can provide you with a list of candidates that fit the job description you provided. It’s up to you to choose the applicants that will suit your company’s values, culture, and job requirements after screening.


After hiring the right people, we can proceed with the onboarding stage. During this time, we can talk about your expectations from your employees and help you determine performance indicators. One benefit of offshore IT staffing in the Philippines is we can assist you in your employee management needs.

Industries That Need Offshore IT Staffing

Due to the benefits of offshore IT staffing in the Philippines, it applies to a wide range of industries inside and outside the country. The future of almost every industry relies on modern technology, which means that the need for IT professionals is continuously growing. As long as you have the following verticals mentioned above, we can provide you with a team of experts that can help you run and manage your applications.


Healthcare relies heavily on technology to run various business operations. Medical devices need to be secured, patient records need to be guarded, and health workers will benefit from cloud services to make their tasks more efficient. Focus on providing medical assistance while your offshore IT team at Atticus fills in your technological needs.


Nowadays, remote learning has been the new normal. This means that educational institutions are migrating their resources to the cloud. With offshore IT staffing in the Philippines, we can help you customize your applications and software so you can provide the best for your teachers and students.


More and more brands are moving away from physical stores and migrating to e-commerce. Now that shopping has become digitized, retail companies are expected to do the same. Whether you’re a start-up or a large enterprise, our IT team can help you make this happen.

Financial Services

Banking and finance companies are moving some of their work resources to the cloud to adapt to the changing needs during these modern times. As time goes by, you might need to expand your technical team to scale up with the demand. We can provide you offshore IT staffing in the Philippines so you can quickly grow your IT workforce.

Experience The Benefits Of Offshore IT Staffing To The Philippines With Atticus!

Offshore IT staffing is beneficial for startups, growing companies, and large enterprises. It allows you to quickly build a team for a fraction of the price without going through the rigorous effort of employee training, recruitment, and management. If you have any questions regarding offshore IT staffing in the Philippines, you can send a message here!

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