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Tap Atticus’ People-Powered Solutions Without Committing Long-Term

If you’re searching for NetSuite professionals who can handle short-term projects or provide continuous support, look no further than Atticus.

As the industry-leading source of Netsuite people-powered solutions in the Philippines, we can give you access to an impressive range of contractors to meet your unique business needs.

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Why Use NetSuite-Trained Accountants

Which Roles You Can Fill

Atticus’ extensive network of NetSuite talent consists of experienced functional and technical consultants as well as credentialed accountants and bookkeepers.

So whether you need to optimize your system or reimagine your accounting and finance processes, you can rely on us to supply you with top-tier NetSuite contractual resources.

Why Use Filipinos

Contractual Filipino NetSuite professionals have been instrumental in helping grow countless US companies.

NetSuite, KPMG, EY, Deloitte, and PwC have all set up shop in the Philippines. As a result, Filipino talent get to benefit from knowledge transfer and become accustomed to the best practices.

If you want to hire globally competitive NetSuite professionals at a fraction of the cost of Western talent, the Filipinos are your best bet.

Why Use Filipinos
Why Use Atticus Solutions

Why Choose Atticus Solutions

Atticus plays an important role in the hiring process, making life easier for US companies to source Filipino contractors for NetSuite roles. But we’re more than just a recruiter.

If need be, we’ll train the help you need to make sure that they’re qualified to remotely support your business.
Atticus handles onboarding too. One of our main goals is to ensure that your contractual NetSuite talent are properly acclimated to the job and your work culture, squeezing every ounce of productivity from them in the shortest amount of time.

As your HR and operations department in the Philippines, you can entrust the employee management duties to us.

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