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Atticus Solutions is the premier source of
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With our people-powered solutions, you can hire capable remote professionals that will
buy into your company culture and complement your in-house team so that you can focus
on what you love the most: growing your business.

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Why Use NetSuite-Trained Accountants

Why Use NetSuite-Trained Accountants

NetSuite can have a steep learning curve. In the hands of untrained users, your team’s productivity will suffer and drive up your costs.

With NetSuite-trained accountants on staff, you can eliminate trial and error and make the most out of your software investment fast.

Why Use Filipinos

Remote Filipino accountants and US businesses are a match made in heaven.

The Philippines is home to top-shelf accountants that don’t cost top dollar. They are highly educated and take pride in being world-renowned for having an excellent work ethic. They have great communication skills because they speak English fluently and have a neutral accent.

More importantly, Filipinos and Americans share a rich history of cooperation. Many US companies can attest to this bond as a recipe for success.

Why Use Filipinos
Why Use Atticus Solutions

Why Use Atticus Solutions

Atticus has an established presence in the Philippines. Being the authority in people-powered NetSuite solutions, we are your gateway to the country’s skilled, hardworking labor force.

We take care of the whole hiring process, from vetting to recruitment, training to onboarding. Our goal is to supply you with competent NetSuite accountants as seamlessly as possible.
That’s why our credentialed Filipino NetSuite accountants are prepared to support US companies at the drop of a hat.

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