NetSuite Accountants Month 2

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NetSuite is just as effective as the competence of its users. That’s why having qualified accountants on staff is a non-negotiable requirement to maximize this enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Problem is, it has become significantly expensive to snag the best talent on the market and terribly risky to train your own employees in-house who may not commit to your company long-term.

Thankfully, you can use Atticus to bridge the tech skills gap and hire credentialed Filipino accountants to remotely support your business.

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Filipino NetSuite Consultants

What Filipino NetSuite Accountants Can Do

Filipino accountants who specialize in NetSuite are just as good as their Western counterparts as far as competency goes.

They have either undergone extensive training in or gained a wealth of experience with this powerful ERP solution.

That’s why they’re technically proficient enough to handle account reconciliation, risk management, adherence to generally accepted accounting principles, invoice payment, compliance, and other matters related to your company’s financials.

But what really make Filipino NetSuite accountants a cut above the rest are the intangibles.
Human capital is the Philippines’ most valued export because its labor force is synonymous with strong English proficiency, neutral accent, solid work ethic, remarkable adaptability, and unwavering loyalty.

With Atticus, you have the opportunity to hire the Philippines’ finest NetSuite accountants on a full-time or project-based basis to beef up your in-house team.

How Affordable They Are to Hire

Atticus wouldn’t be a leader in the space for many years without offering highly competitive prices.

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Here’s an overview of our plans:

  • Starter (minimum of 28 hours)
    • Bookkeeper: $35/hour
    • Accountant: $45–$55/hour
  • Lite (minimum of 90 hours)
    • Bookkeeper: $30/hour
    • Accountant: $40–$50/hour
  • Standard (minimum of 240 hours)
    • Bookkeeper: $25/hour
    • Accountant: $35–$45/hour
  • Annual (minimum of 720 hours)
    • Bookkeeper: $20/hour
    • Accountant: $30–$40/hour

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