What is HR Outsourcing in the Philippines?

What is HR Outsourcing in the Philippines?

What is HR Outsourcing in the Philippines?

Outsourcing services in the Philippines refers to forming a contract with a third-party provider to perform a specific function for your company. Nowadays, more and more companies have started choosing the Philippines for low-cost yet high-quality HR outsourcing services.

As a leading force in staffing services across Southeast Asia, HR outsourcing services in the Philippines are diverse, and often industry-specific. Outsourced HR solutions are also known to provide access to a highly competitive labor pool.

When should you outsource your HR processes

You might need HR outsourcing services in the Philippines if you face the following problems with your in-house HR department:

Not have enough time for HR Tasks due to Core Business Needs

The HR department plays a crucial role in every business. This is responsible for every employee facet including recruitment, onboarding, compensation, benefits, performance management, training and development, and reinforcing the organization culture. Managing all HR functions can be laborious and repetitive.

If you find that your HR functions take too much time away from core business competencies, hiring HR outsourcing services in the Philippines can take those demands away from your shoulders. You can focus solely on revenue-generating activities that grow your business.

Lack of Money to Hire In-House employees

Numerous HR functions require the skills of different specialists to accomplish. Simply put, hiring, training, and retaining an in-house HR team is expensive. The answer for many companies is to hire HR outsourcing services in the Philippines.

Outsourced HR services allow you to pay only for the specific functions you need. You will also benefit from the services of a professional that you don’t need to train. It is a cost-effective choice that is particularly ideal for companies that do not have the capital to pay and cover benefits for a full-time, in-house HR department.

HR Task Accountability is not clear within the Business

If HR tasks are allocated to other employees in your business, you may end up blurring the lines of accountability as well. Your employees will not know where to pass HR information or report HR problems, impacting operations productivity.

When you hire HR outsourcing services in the Philippines, however, your employees can focus on their own tasks without worrying about HR responsibilities.

Benefits Of HR Outsourcing Services In The Philippines

Benefits Of HR Outsourcing Services In The Philippines

Benefits Of HR Outsourcing Services In The Philippines

For many CEOs, hiring HR outsourcing services in the Philippines is an effective strategy to achieve business success.

Are you a company owner that finds HR functions too complex? Are you frustrated because HR tasks are eating up too much of your time for revenue-generating business activities? An outsourced HR solution might just be the answer to your problems.

Here are the benefits of choosing to hire an HR outsourcing company:

Greater Access To A Competitive Talent Pool

Greater Access To A Competitive Talent Pool

Many business owners have decided to hire HR outsourcing services in the Philippines because it gives them access to a highly competitive talent pool.

The Philippines produces thousands of college graduates every year equipped with quality education and training in the fields of IT, finance, psychology, mass communication, international relations, and more. All these disciplines are crucial for providing world-class HR services. HR outsourcing in the Philippines lets you hire specialists that can easily grow your business.

Increased Cost Savings

Increased Cost Savings

Increased cost savings is the primary benefit of hiring HR outsourcing services in the Philippines.

Aside from the fact that an outsourced HR company cuts the need to hire, train, and pay a full department of in-house employees, there is also a labor cost in the Philippines.

You can save as much as 40% to 65% on salaries compared to other countries.

English-Fluent Staff Allows Easy communication

English-Fluent Staff Allows Easy Communication

When you hire HR outsourcing services in the Philippines, you will be introduced to a workforce that is highly fluent in English. In the English Proficiency Index, the Philippines ranks 15th out of 80 countries. You don’t have to worry about language barrier issues when working with your outsourced HR staff team, especially if they work remotely.

Naturally Hardworking and Hospitable Culturee

Naturally Hardworking and Hospitable Culture

Hiring HR outsourcing services in the Philippines will transform your company’s culture positively because Filipinos are well-known for their hospitality and dedication to work. Filipinos uphold values of togetherness and they work with a mindset of nurturing others. Ultimately, you will benefit from productivity and better work results.

Why Choose Atticus For HR Outsourcing Services in the Philippines

Why Choose Atticus For HR Outsourcing Services in the Philippines

Why Choose Atticus For HR Outsourcing Services in the Philippines

Atticus provides a full suite of innovative HR outsourcing and staff augmentation services in the Philippines that allow companies of all sizes to scale with ease.

Since our founding date, we have offered cost-effective services with the intent of adding value to our client’s business. Find out what sets Atticus apart from just any HR outsourcing company in the Philippines.

Dedication To Excellent Customer Service

At Atticus, our intent has always been to add value and strengthen our client’s businesses while helping them get ahead of HR industry trends. To accomplish this, we focus on delivering excellent customer service.

We practice proactive communication with clients to find the best solutions for their business needs. We discuss alternatives and back it up with data to improve operational efficiency and drive better talent productivity.

Inclusions Of Complete Resources

Atticus is a world-class HR outsourcing company in the Philippines that provides all team members with the complete resources needed to perform their tasks effectively and grow the client’s company.

You no longer have to take out a big capital for additional resources like physical office space, training, IT equipment, and software.

A Service Approach That Supports Employee Growth

We strive hard every day to recruit expert-vetted HR staff. Our employee lifecycle starts with an approach that supports growth. This way we can reduce turnover and absenteeism rates as you lead your business to success with complete confidence.

HR Outsourcing Services In The Philippines From Atticus

Atticus provides a complete range of HR outsourcing and remote staffing services in the Philippines. Clients can choose to outsource specific HR functions or all of their HR functions from Atticus to better focus on their core business competencies



Recruitment has never been more challenging as HR specialists face extreme competition in attracting top talents. Atticus can serve as an extension of your HR department through recruitment outsourcing in the Philippines. We offer outsourcing services for specific recruitment tasks or the entire recruitment process.

As an HR outsourcing company in the Philippines, we will work hand-in-hand with you to align regarding requirements and existing HR processes or technology. We will source applicants from internal talent databases and networks and screen them based on soft skills, technical skills, industry-proven behavioral evaluations, and your company’s core values. Turnaround time will range from 15 to 20 days and final employment interviews will be done with the client.



At Atticus, we also offer onboarding HR services. This service will span for 9 months to fully drive accountability, meritocracy, and high performance in the client’s company culture.

Once your outsourced HR team receives a list of successful candidates, they will be provided orientations, welcome kits, and onboarding tools. Meetings for checking work status will also be set up.

Performance Management

Performance Management

Performance management refers to the continuous process of communicating employee job expectations to support achieving organizational goals. At Atticus, we will provide all team members the resources to grow with the company.

We will also focus on the 4 Pillars of Success (Productivity, Reliability, Quality, Creative Innovation) to measure and assess employee performance on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

Learning and Development

Learning and Development

Hiring HR outsourcing services in the Philippines from Atticus will allow you to discover untapped employee potential. We will keep your employees agile in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) environment to help them keep up with your company’s changing needs.

As a client, you no longer have to worry about drafting training modules. You can focus on core business competencies while we roll out individual and leadership development training. We will assess opportunities for upskilling and reskilling your employees through the Atticus University system.

Hire HR Outsourcing Services In The Philippines From Atticus!

Atticus is a leading staffing company that offers HR outsourcing services in the Philippines. If you need to build a high-performance HR team, Atticus is the company that can help grow with the right people and the right service. Click here to inquire about our staffing services today!