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Find out how we helped ConvertKit effectively reduce first response time by 85%.

Atticus has spent years fine-tuning its (remote team) recruitment processes to help tech companies acquire top candidates. Bringing that experience, Atticus was more than equipped to resolve this client's existing ticket problems while providing excellent customer support.

First, Atticus made sure that the candidates were best fit and met ConvertKit’s standards. Our HR team screened prospects that surpassed their metrics: technical and soft skills, behavioral assessments, and responses to competency-based questions.

Atticus then organized a system to route and track ConvertKit’s ticket flows. Existing tickets were prioritized depending on their urgency and were fairly distributed among team members—giving them enough time to work on incoming tickets while fulfilling backlogs.

Next, Atticus launched a Shift Lead Program and an incentive scheme. The program produces team leads with excellent management skills who coach and mentor its members to reach their goals every month. And the incentive scheme motivates the team to go above and beyond their designated tasks.
With this, Atticus created an environment wherein their team members have an increased sense of ownership and responsibility. Building this proactive culture keeps everyone in the team engaged, making sure that they always plan ahead.

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What clients say about our end-to-end solution

Customer Testimonails

Our experience with Atticus is excellent, it does not end in the hiring process. They continuously support the clients needs and go for the extra mile. From a client's perspective, I can say that it is the Atticus management team, from finding the right person that fits the role, up until maintaining a good relationship to their client.

Mark Travellerbuddy
Customer Testimonails

Our biggest win for now is our FRT going from over an 1 hr down to below 10 minutes. The people across the full company is the reason I would recommend. Great people to work witsh!

Daniel ConvertKit
Customer Testimonails

As an SDN member, we have written a fully unified NetSuite Field Service application. Atticus was instrumental in staffing our needs - as having a robust Sentrien Partner Channel dedicated to NetSuite Field Service is important to us. Atticus has been a Go-To partner for us to maintain our NetSuite staff to support our growth.

Roberto Sentrien Systems

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