Technical Support Representatives – Nightshift


Remote Work

icon-info Job Summary

Provide technical instruction to resolve system malfunctions while remaining professional and reducing truck rolls.

icon-info Duties/Responsibilities
  1. Answer incoming calls in a professional and courteous manner.a. Follow scripts provided in order to deliver a consistent experience for the customer.
  2. Open and review cases made in CRM (Tier32) and make outbound calls based on said
    cases.a. All customers should be called a minimum of three times (each on a different day). The number of calls should be notated (ex: (1st, 2nd, 3rd…etc). Further instructions regarding notation can
    be found in the Introduction section of Google Classroom.b. If the customer has emergency contacts, those numbers should be called if the
    primary contact does not answer.

    c. After the third call with no answer, you may Resolve/Close the case.

  3. Provide assistance to employees when requested via email, phone, or Goggle
    chat/hangouts.a. All company requests should be considered a priority, especially manager requests.b. If you are on a call with a customer when a request is made for assistance, advise the individual that you
    are on a call but will call their customer and complete their request immediately after.

    c. If you call a customer based on a request and cannot reach the customer, make a case for a follow-up
    call at a later time.

  4. Technical Support is a department of constant learning and adapting to new situations.a. It is expected to use all resources available (including Troubleshooting Guides,
    Installation Guides/Manuals, Manufacture Dealer Support, etc) in order to resolve
    various system malfunctions and answer customer concerns.b. The Tech Support Google Classroom page contains a constantly updated source of information.
    Manuals and Troubleshooting Guides on 2GIG, IQ, and Alula branded equipment as well as
    (ADC), Alula, Kami, Arlo, and CCTV cameras are available there.

    c. If there are situations where the problem is not able to be resolved over the phone (or the customer is
    either unable or unwilling to troubleshoot) then you may offer an appointment.

    d. For a service appointment, the customer will need to pay a service fee, have a protection plan
    (warranty), or be willing to add a protection plan for services (unless the fee is waived by management)


  • check-circle-icon Work from home set up (Temporary/Permanent)
  • check-circle-icon HMO plus free dependent
  • check-circle-icon Competitive Salary Packages
  • check-circle-icon Work with diverse team that inspires each other to grow every day

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