What are the benefits of outsourcing a Netsuite administrator?

  1. Provides the needed expertise
  2. Lets you focus on core business functions
  3. Increased productivity and efficiency
  4. Reduces costs

In recent years, IT outsourcing in the Philippines has been an effective business strategy for numerous companies that wanted to reduce costs, have access to highly-skilled professionals, and free up time for core functions. But for many businesses — big or small — managing the workload of a NetSuite administrator can be particularly challenging. When considering the inevitable job spikes in the world of IT business, there are many benefits of outsourcing a Netsuite administrator.

What Is A NetSuite Administrator?

To know about the benefits of outsourcing a NetSuite administrator, you first have to know what the role is. NetSuite is a cloud computing software designed to help businesses manage their accounting, e-commerce, ERP operations, human capital management, and customer relations management.

A NetSuite administrator’s duty is to configure and maintain the NetSuite software, helping the company achieve its business goals. They are the experts that can help with any specific module or functionalities of NetSuite.

Below are some of the benefits of outsourcing your NetSuite administrator. Read on.

Provides The Needed Expertise

Being a NetSuite administrator requires immense expertise. The ideal candidate for a NetSuite administrator has a combined skill set of accounting, business, and tech capabilities. They should be able to create, integrate, and maintain user-friendly and accessible NetSuite dashboards. On top of that, they should provide continuous technical support for all your employees and understand the factors that may affect the software’s operational effectiveness.

Oftentimes, the duties of a NetSuite administrator are pressuring. This makes their soft skills just as vital for the role. NetSuite administrators need to be professionals, keeping a calm attitude while solving software errors and discussing solutions with other employees.

According to a survey, 53% of Netsuite administrators also have 3 to 6 years of experience specializing in the NetSuite software. NetSuite offers a wide array of certifications for administrators such as a SuiteBuilder, SuiteAnalytics, SuiteCloud Platform, Data Security, and Suite Flow certificate. Earning NetSuite certifications ensures an administrator is capable of configuring and maintaining a robust NetSuite implementation.

Not all businesses will have access to skilled candidates fitting for a NetSuite administrator. When opting for training, businesses may also not have enough capital, allotted time, and resources. Outsourcing your NetSuite administrator is the best choice because third-party outsourcing companies have ready access to a wide talent pool.

For example, as an IT outsourcing company, Atticus Solutions formed communities within technology verticals to facilitate talent knowledge exchange. We also continuously invested in top graduates and budding leaders in the field of IT. As a result, we can easily address the tech talent gaps of clients. We have partnered with CEANA Technology to meet the NetSuite administrator needs of companies.

Your IT needs are ever-evolving. If you have NetSuite or you plan to purchase the said cloud software, you need to have the means to maintain it. With an outsourced NetSuite administrator, this is possible. You will have a team of experts who will accommodate your IT needs, which allows you to get the best value from your NetSuite investment.

Lets You Focus On Core Business Functions

Lets You Focus On Core Business Functions

When you outsource a NetSuite administrator, there will be a skilled employee in charge of that specific role. This means your team can focus on other core business functions.

Outsourcing a NetSuite administrator lets you focus on what matters most for your business, especially those functions that directly generate more income such as product manufacturing, sales, marketing, and customer service. If you run an e-commerce business, you can pay closer attention to nuances that need tending such as inventory management and pricing.

Increased Productivity and Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing a NetSuite Administrator is a cost-efficient move for your company. With easy access to NetSuite experts, you can expect great value for your investment. You won’t need to hire and train in-house employees anymore.

Another benefit of hiring an outsourced NetSuite Administrator is boosted productivity. They are professionals who ensure tasks are achieved in an efficient manner and without getting involved in internal team politics.

Reduces Costs

Reduces Costs

Businesses need to be agile to keep up with ever-changing market demand. If you allow your business to produce outdated services or products and utilize outdated technology and processes, you negatively affect your bottom line. However, labor costs and other development costs can require a sizable investment early on in the business lifecycle.

While it’s true that outsourced NetSuite administrators are hired to configure software, they are also the professionals that can help you optimize your finances, assist in CRM, automate workflows, provide software training, and advise the most effective software designs for each company department.

This IT outsourcing solution gives you access to multiple specialists to set up your company for success. It can significantly reduce overhead costs compared to hiring full-time employees, which requires office space, equipment, and benefits.

Key Takeaway

In this article are the benefits of outsourcing your NetSuite administrator. Outsourced NetSuite administrators are experts and they can help make your business more cost-effective, agile, and productive.

Looking to outsource a NetSuite administrator? Atticus Solutions is an IT outsourcing company in the Philippines that can provide you with the best NetSuite managed services today. Since 2016, we have catered to SaaS startups and cloud technology companies in deploying Netsuite professionals. Find out more about our outsourcing and offshoring services here.



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