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About Atticus

Home of the best talents for your IT needs

Our Story

Atticus Solutions was founded with a desire to recognize exceptional Filipino talents globally.

From a staff of 1 in 2016, we grew into the 150 -strong we are today. We learn from pivotal challenges as well as our momentous wins.

And through it all, we kept rooted on being proactive communicators, intent on adding value, and resolute in providing service of international standard.

At present, Atticus focuses on supporting SaaS startups and cloud technology companies. We also assist organizations who are new to, or have already deployed Netsuite, AWS, ServiceNow, and Salesforce. (Find out more about our offshoring services here.)

To attract the right offshore talent, we have formed communities within these technology verticals and continue to facilitate knowledge exchange within.

We unceasingly invest in top graduates and budding leaders coming from these communities. Many have partnered with us to address tech talent gaps in a variety of industries.

Our Mission

We aim to find the best of the Filipino professionals and entrepreneurs, and get them recognized on the global stage.

Our Leadership

Miguel Dy Buncio

Chief Executive Officer

  • Georgia Pacific
  • Crossfit
  • Darden School of Business

Lester Tay

Chief Financial Officer

  • Janssen Cilag Australia
  • Meteo Group
  • Clermont Group
  • London Business School

Our Core Values


We never cease to ask questions. We aren’t afraid to speak up and challenge the status quo. When we do challenge, we communicate the alternatives and back it up with data to find the best solution.

Intent on
Adding Value

We look for ways to invigorate and strengthen our client’s businesses by helping them get ahead of the curve. To accomplish this, we focus on improving quality and making things more efficient, aligned, cost-effective, and scalable.

Customer Service

We put the customer’s voice at the forefront and ask ourselves, “What would the customer think?” With design thinking as our starting point, we fill in the gaps and complement it with our resources — whether you need business, subject matter, or IT expertise.

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